February 21, 2014

valentines post.

so my boy is perfect. 8 am rolls around and that happy day we like to call love day. he comes to my house (because we have tickets to walk through the gilbert temple) with a dozen roses, and all of my favorite treats. who likes yellow starbursts? not i. so kevin kindly bought me starburst but picked out all of the yellow ones for me. I about died. he also bought me a polaroid camera, so all day we went crazy with that. going through the gilbert temple with him was the sweetest thing. being able to be in the Lords house and being able to see the beauty inside, was amazing. 
after the temple. my cute man had to go to work, so while he was at work i prepared for our fun night. i loaded his truck with pillows, blankets, and snacks. i picked him up from work, and blind folded him immediately. he had no idea what i had planned. kevin and i have this "spot" that we always go up to and you can see all the city lights. so of course i took him to our spot to watch the sun set (i know how cheesy) but it was fun. i put the pillows and blankets in the back, and took off his blind fold. we have so much fun together and especially that night. after the sun set we went to sushi (obviously) and then the movie endless love…which was such a cheesy valentines day movie. i love this boy, and i was so grateful i could spend this special day with him. now I'm back in idaho… and missing him dearly. 


  1. This is so cute! I love the Polaroid!

  2. I just found your blog. So cute! Also, I now want a Polaroid camera.