February 4, 2014

random spur of the moment disney trip.

as i am walking home in basically a blizzard, i get a phone call from dad and it basically went like this.
dad: hey so we're all going to disneyland this weekend, if you can find a way down, i'll pay for it!
me: **thinking about all of this awful snow, and picturing sunny warm california** okay ill find a way!

so here was the insane travel plans. that same night i decided to go, i took a shuttle from rexburg, to salt lake at 1:40 AM… (a big shout out to the nasty man who smelt like smoke and decided to sit right next to me when the whole bus was open) once i got to the salt lake airport, i had a flight from salt lake to phoenix two hours later.

i got to phoenix, and hurry & spent all the time i could with kevin because he was leaving for colorado to go snowboarding that same night. so we went to jamba juice, & thats always a good choice. 

(keep in mind this is all within 24 hours)

so kevin left for colorado, and i went to bed. the next morning the fam and i got in the car and drove six hours to disney. we got to the disneyland resort, & as soon as i saw the resort i knew coming was the best decision. we then spent the next two days at disney, & that could not have been more fun!! 

so now I'm sitting in the airport in denver with a two hour lay over. i am in for a long day. i flew from phoenix, to denver. denver to salt lake, & then i am taking the shuttle back to rexburg. so i have a lot of traveling to do… but hey this weekend was all worth it. 

i am one lucky girl. i have the best family & the absolute best boyfriend.

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