February 6, 2014

puberty should have stopped

hi i am eighteen and just got a million zits. oops is this an awkward think to blog about? oh well. anyways | HELP | does anyone have any secrets to get rid of acne? i am in need of some help.
i thought puberty was supposed to end like forever ago… guess not. 

also, i am getting sick of my blog design. which makes me not want to blog. don't get me wrong i love love love the design i have right now, i just need something new, ya know? so i think thats what ill do in class tomorrow. brainstorm some new designs.

speaking of class. i absolutely love my major. i am a communication major with an emphasis in video production and visual media. everything about this makes me happy, and its everything i want to do with my life. my absolute dream is have a life like HAILEY DEVINE. can we all just mutually agree she has the most perfect life? 
-waited for her missionary.
-married her missionary.
-her man has an english accent. 
-is the most amazing videographer.
-travels EVERYWHERE to do videos.
-she is absolutely gorgeous. 
so clearly i have an obsession with her, but its fine. 

anyways I'm trapped in my apartment basically all month because at this very moment it is -14 degrees with a windchill of -30 outside…. i didn't even know that was possible. so here are my random blog thoughts. and like i said I'm getting better at blogging ya know. 

oh ps. does anyone have any cute ideas/gifts for valentines day? i gotta boy who deserves a special day. 

happy thursday 


  1. Hmmmm skin tips...drink lots of water, avoid liquid foundation, keep hands away from face, sleep with hair in a pony tail, change pillow slip regularly (wash it with your regular load), wear moisturizer (especially in Rexburg...sheesh haha), use a towel that's used only for drying your face after you wash it (don't use the bathroom hand towel that is used by multiple people, also switch the towel out regularly), annnnd...exercise and eating healthy might help...haha I know that's a lot but that's what I know of skin care! Hope it's helpful :) besides, you're beautiful even if you have acne!

  2. Neutrogena on-the-spot treament works miracles.
    also, you made me want to change my major.

  3. Spot treatments or tea tree oil works! I use tea tree oil when I have really, really bad ache. The only problem is that it dries out your skin reaaaaaaaal bad so you need to moisturize a loooot. As for valentines day, I have nooo idea. Forever alone! Haha.

  4. Ok ok so all I ever dream about is being like Hailey Devine! I'm glad you feel the same way! Honestly if I could just travel, take pictures & make videos all day, my life would be complete! Don't judge me, but I actually had a dream about Hailey and Brad the other night! haha weird and crazy! But I feel ya!

  5. Hey Sydney! So you probably don't remember me, but you came over to my apartment at nauvoo one night and I admitted to stalking you'r blog.....I promise I'm not a creepy stalker! I just love reading your cute blog! Anyways, I see that you're majoring in communications with an emphasis in visual media and video making. Ok, so I love photography and videography too, so tell me about this major. I'm trying to narrow down what exactly I should major in, and I'm interested to know how you like this major! What does it entail or does it require a lot of work? If you could get back to me, that'd be great! Thanks Sydney!
    -Channing Merrell