January 30, 2014

blogging world, i apologize.

well, i told myself i needed to take a blogging break. yet somehow a month was just not long enough for me. let me give you a little update into my life. 
i started my second semester here at byu-idaho. & i am pretty lucky that i have not froze to death.
i am still dating the love of my life. kevin is the most perfect guy i have ever met, & i am honestly the luckiest girl in the world to be able to call him mine. distance is hard, but i go home to arizona in april and am staying there for awhile, so i think we can make these next few months!
valentines day is coming up… & i have a special someone. so thats always nice.
i have the best friends up here in idaho, & i seriously would not be able to handle this semester with out them. i am one lucky girl, & i count my blessing everyday.
here are some of my latest little photographs.


  1. As of late, you guys are my favorite couple. You really can't get any cuter....just in case you were wondering.

  2. such a cute couple! good luck this semester! stay warm!