November 25, 2013

missionary monday. repeat.

let me just show you a few of the missionaries who i miss with my whole heart.

meet elder halladay,
 he has the sweetest heart, and can look at me for one second and immediately know how i am feeling. he did everything to make me smile, and to make me laugh. no matter where you go this boy can keep the biggest smile on your face. i miss you tru.

meet elder smith, 
just like truman, this boy can make you laugh until it hurts. he can make you feel like the most special girl in the whole entire world. he likes his music, and enjoys eating. i miss his dancing, and him giving me the biggest hugs. keep on keepin on in peru chunk. 
meet sister gardanier,
i have known her since i was born and its been very different not having her around everyday anymore. she was always there for me, through the good and the bad. she knows exactly how to make me laugh, and she still does through her emails every week. can't wait till your 18 months is up jo.
elder heyman,
if you have followed my blog for a few years now this face is pretty familiar.
i do miss this missionary, and we are on good terms again. we are friends, and thats it. he comes home in six months.. and that just blows my mind. it feels like just yesterday i sent this boy off with a broken heart, and thought two years was longer than eternity. it was more of a blink of an eye.
elder baker,
he was my best friend. we didn't spend a day apart my whole senior year. he always wanted what was best for me, and made sure i was always happy. his family was my second family, and i miss them as much as i miss him. he was the best older brother i ever had. el salvador is pretty lucky to have this boy right now.

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  1. hi, not sure if you remember me or not. i'm one of hunters friends. I know this is super random, but elder halladay is actually serving in my stake in cedar city right now and is teaching my roommate! it is because of him that she is getting baptized in a couple weeks! we made the connection that you knew eachother and I had to tell you! he is one of the sweetest elders I have ever met! and he's already grown so so much since he has been out here! its been fun to see! the people of new Zealand are lucky to have him!!