October 21, 2013


alright here is my vent session to the blog. lately i have felt pretty stuck. i am here in rexburg idaho feeling a little trapped. i miss doing things i am passionate for. i miss being able to live life with adventures. now all i feel like i do with my life is school work. i get that, that's the point i am at in life. school, college, get a degree, get a job. but i have never been one to do what everyone else is doing. i don't know if this sounds crazy, dumb, or stupid (its probably all of the above) but i just don't know if school is for me. i want to travel, see the world. i want to put myself into different cultures. i would like to serve a mission. i want to become so good at photography, so people can't ignore it. i have so many dreams, but i feel stuck. i dont know what step to take next. dont get me wrong, i am enjoying the college experience, but i guess it isnt my favorite thing in the world. the next year will probably be the biggest roller coaster of my life. i have to make the most important decisions of MY ENTIRE LIFE. the month of may will be the weirdest/hardest/most interesting month of my life. (i guess if you've followed my blog the past few years, you know what will happen this may) stay tuned. 


  1. Not to sound creepy or anything, but I just stalked your blog for a good 20 minutes. Oh my goodness it is too cute. I kinda know what you mean by that whole "stuck" feeling. Hang in there! One of the scary/ totally cool things about life is that you just never know what'll happen next! :)


  2. i've been stalking your blog for about a year now & i love it! you are just plain adorable! i don't know if you're in rexburg for the winter, but if you are, we should see if our schedules align for lunch sometime! :)