October 28, 2013

missionary mondays.

so it seems like its a world wide rule that you have to hate mondays... mondays are seriously my favorite days. i get to email my favorite missionaries back and forth and its seriously my favorite. missionaries make me so happy, and i am so lucky to have almost ALL of my best friends out in the field. they all just seriously make me want to start my papers. these past few months i have had the dream of opening my mission call countless times. i have heard that dreams may be the best revelation.. who knows what will happen next year. like i said, a roller coaster. 
a dear friend showed me this song, and not one time i listen to it do i not find tears streaming down my face. 
i miss my missionaries.


  1. I waited the whole 2 years for my missionary and we're married now. Dream come true! I too was writing a TON of missionaries, so many of my good friends who are now home. It's so amazing what the Spirit of a missionary can do simply through letters or emails!! I miss writing my missionary but I'm glad he's home! :)

    My other favorite song (besides the one you mentioned) is A Thousand Years (Pt. 2) by Christina Perri. So beautiful! :)

  2. This song is amazing. Thank you so much for sharing! I definitely have tears streaming down my face too- saying goodbye is rough!

  3. ooooh deary. i might be crying! so sweet. mondays are the best day of the week! who are we kidding? love those dang missionary boys. xo