October 23, 2013

even on my weakest days.

i was walking home from class yesterday in tears because i just have been so stressed with school. i walk in through door, barely say hi to my roommates, wiping my tears, as i look up into my room there i see it. this beautiful bouquet of flowers. with the cutest little note on them. it amazes me that even from a few states away kevin can make my day so much better. he is seriously one of the closest things to perfection.
but wait it gets better.
im sitting in my kitchen doing homework and theres a knock at the door. my FHE brothers came over, serenaded me with the best songs, and even brought me my favorite cookies, to make my day a little better.
you have no idea how special i felt, and how much better they all made my day.
i was one lucky girl.


  1. p.s. Have I mentioned how much I truly enjoy your blog?! You are so real in your posts and I appreciate that. I appreciate that you don't hide behind a wall of perfection, that you're willing to say "yeah, I had a hard day." and say what you're really thinking. thank you! Keep writing, because I enjoy it!

  2. I love how on super weak and hard days, someone (if not more than someone) is always thinking of you & wishing you were happier. I love this. Those flowers are beautiful.