October 22, 2013

dear future husband.

this is the ring. 
this is how i would love the question to be asked.
(has to be photographed)
this is the dress.
and i will have a flower crown.
these are the colors & the flowers. 
things i enjoy.
okay i love weddings, and i am just 
really really really really really really really really really really really reallyreally really really really 
excited for my own. 
and yes, i think i have everything planned. 

i want everything photographed, and everything made into a video. i think every girl imagines their wedding as perfection, & i just hope mine ends up like that. i hope that when people are on their way home from their wedding they think "wow that was amazing". i think i can already tell i am going to be a bridezilla. awesome. 


  1. Heyyyy that bottom right ring? I have it! I love love love it. Rose gold + Silver. Mmm mmm yes. You're cute by the way. Weddings are so fun. But what is after the weddings? Married life? Perfection.

  2. Oh YES. Those rings = my favorite, ever.

  3. LOVE these pictures!!! :) That was the best part of planning a wedding, all the fun cute ideas, and you finally get to make it become real!!

  4. Um so pretty much if I made a post like this I would pretty much need to copy and paste.

  5. this post>>>>
    flower crowns are a must.
    bailey @ mycrisscrossedblog.blogspot.com