October 8, 2013

college & dating.

well i am on my fourth week of college here in idaho. let me tell you a few little things about this city and school of rexburg. 
\\ homework takes over my life 
\\ i cant step out of my apartment without feeling like i am about to get hypothermia
\\ there is nothing to do here, like literally nothing
\\ never take 16 credits as a freshman
\\ i have the best roommates known to man. i sure am lucky
\\ i love my major (elementary education)
\\ i cant wait to become an elementary school teacher
\\ i miss home, family, and friends
\\ i eat taco bell more than a normal person should

those are just a few boring basic facts about my college life that none of you probably care about. but a few of you might like to hear this.
yes i am dating someone. 
yeah, my thoughts exactly. haha.

i guess we aren't an "official couple" because since he lives back in arizona, and i am here in idaho we have decided to still keep dating others. there is something special about this boy. he would literally do anything for me, and constantly makes me feel so special. 

he did something this past weekend, that made me feel like a princess.
he flew up to salt lake
rented a car
drove to idaho
picked me & brittney up 
drove us back to utah
took me to conference
and gave me the best weekend ive had in a long, long time. 
i don't know how i got so lucky with this one. 



  1. haha,,
    i smile as i'm reading this. he sounds like a great guy

  2. He sounds like the sweetest guy ever! Got yourself a winner there! :)

  3. blog stalking today and found you from hunter's blog :) SUCH cute pictures!!