September 12, 2013

the eve, of moving out.

well i officially left my home in arizona and have made my way to idaho. this was an extremely emotional week for me. i am no where kidding when i tell you i cry every 45 minutes. i have had to say goodbye to every one i love most in this life. you really don't understand what you have until its gone.
as i packed up my room my sweet boyfriend kevin sat with me and held me every time i lost it. his shoulder had many tears fall upon it this past week. i know i should be extremely excited for this new journey i am about to start but to be honest, i am not. i am so sad to leave the place that created who i am. the people who changed my life. every thing that made me "sydney brereton".
as we headed on our trip the hardest part was not ever looking back and saying goodbye to my three siblings. who knew leaving for college would be so hard for me. i have always been that girl dying to get out, and move on but now that its here, i am scared. here is to the next chapter of my life. because from this day forward life will never be the same. i move into my apartment tomorrow, and will officially be on my own. wish me luck, i guess. 

miss you home. 
miss you siblings.
miss you kevin.
miss you arizona. 
miss you, me. 

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