September 5, 2013

him. six more days.

kevin. we've only been dating a month, but within this month this boy has really gotten my attention. he is so good to me, and i feel like the luckiest girl in the world. the sad part is im leaving for idaho in six days. six short days. i cringe at the thought of leaving him, and don't know how im going to handle that. i don't know how we are going to go about this situation because ill be living in idaho, and he'll be here in arizona. i swear long distance relationships always end up under my belt. every day i wake up wondering how i am the girl, that gets to be kevins and i'm scared to what will happen when I'm gone. he says he'll visit, and ill be home for the holidays so i guess that will just have to get us through for awhile. he has the sweetest heart and would do anything for me. lately all he has done with me is craft for my new apartment. or go home decor shopping. sometimes i forget that he's a boy and we should be doing co-ed activities. he has started to show me to not be scared anymore, and that taking risks is okay. if only i had met him a little sooner, but i cherish all the time we have spent together.

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