September 17, 2013


i have officially attended all of my classes, and some are definitely harder than others, but i am excited to do this. i spend all my down time doing homework, or eating a taco bell. it really is a luxurious life, let me tell you. college is starting to be fun. i am meeting people left and right. i don't think i have ever been so social in my life. people just leave their doors open hoping someone walks in and starts up a conversation. i know i came here with not the best attitude, but idaho is growing on me. (yes i know just like everyone told me) i love the weather here. it rains often, and is chilly at night. so much better then the hot arizona heat. what i am not looking forward to is the snow. UGH. well back to writing my essay i go. i just thought i would let you know that idaho is a good place, and i am glad im here. 

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  1. Real glad you're loving it. I'll be in Idaho Falls this weekend. Kind of taking everything out of me to not be like, "HEY LET'S DO SOMETHING EVERYDAY." blegh.