August 23, 2013

that thing called a boy.

if you follow me on instagram, you might have noticed a certain boy appearing on that. it's weird not dating anyone for SO LONG, and then suddenly it changes, it's like you have to make an announcement to all your social medias.

so to start, his name is kevin.
and he is the most kind, gentle man like guy i have ever met. no matter where we are going, he walks himself over to my side of the car and opens my door. he refuses for me to ever pay a dime on him or myself for that matter. sometimes he's quiet, and listens to me ramble about pointless things. he claims he can't sing but i've heard him so many times in the car, and i know he can. i catch him looking at me, and i smile and cheesily say "whatttt??" and all he responds is "nothing" with a huge smile. he thinks he can dance, but i can tell you right now, he can't. haha. i have come to find that we have the best times when we're not really doing anything at all. he makes me laugh, and feel very special.

i am one lucky girl.

but here's the catch.

i leave for BYU-Idaho in 18 days. and kevins staying in arizona.


  1. Just sayyyy "Hey Kevin? Wanna come to Byu I with me? Come on....."

    Jeez. That's hard. I've been in that situation more than once and it's definitely not easy. But if you haven't found already, you will be so surprised when the big man upstairs reveals to you why this all happened the way it did.

    You guys are super cute. I hope everything works out the way you'd like it too :) Love you!!

  2. well, my boyfriend is serving his mission in Idaho! look out for the a really cute one! but he's mine ;) xoxo good luck on your adventures!

  3. I just randomly came across your blog. You are adorable and so is your cute blog! I'm up at BYU Idaho too, this is my second year and let me tell you, it is the best school! I love it more than anything and you will too.