August 4, 2013

a birthday, shout hooray.

well, august second was my birthday. i realized that the older you get, the less exciting your birthday actually is. i still definitely had such a good day! i felt extremely loved by all my friends and family. i went to sushi with my girls. ( and then we went shopping, and of course we went to anthroplogie, my all time favorite store. and then afterwards, just a nice dinner with my family. on the way home from dinner, i was driving by myself and just so happened to drive by the beautiful gilbert, arizona temple. i got out of my car and just had to take a picture. i can hardly wait for that temple to open. it is stunning. it was definitely the best way to end my special day.

and yes maybe a special someone got me a dozen roses as well..


  1. happy birthday. wow, that picture is gorgeous

  2. Happy belated birthday! It sounds like you had an awesome day! :) SUSHI IS AMAZING. I could eat sushi every day and I'm 99% sure I would never tire of it! Haha

  3. All these photos are so beautiful and making me missing chatting with the missionaries! I love learning about your faith.