July 2, 2013

you should know.

well since one of my beautiful best friends hunter tagged me, i felt the need to tell you a little bit more about myself.

1. one talent i wish i had?
easy, singing. i wouldn't say i am the WORST singer, but i know i am not the best. i seriously envy people with the most gorgeous voices.

2. tell us the dirty deets of your first kiss?
it was with my junior high crush. it was his birthday, so i thought hey what better present than a little kiss? well, i did just that, & you could not of imagined what happened next. his dad walked in. his dad then said "wow, i don't think i have ever seen two peoples faces so red in my life" & then he walked out... since that happened. i didn't kiss another boy for two years.

3. someone i want to thank right here, & right now?
that would have to be my mom. she puts up with me at my worsts, & loves me through it all. she always wants to talk, & wonders how i am doing. she is my best friend, i wouldn't be near the same person i am today with out my mom. so mom, thank you. for everything.

4. whats your biggest pet peeve?
well, i have two. i absolutely hate when people rub styrofoam together. it's worse than nails on a chalk board for me. second, when people chew with their mouths open. that is just rude.

5. name a weakness of yours and ways you plan to conquer that?
self esteem. or any type of confidence at all. for the longest time i had the worst self esteem. i would beat myself up mentally, over every thing. i plan to realize that  i am a daughter of god & am beautiful to him. i need to learn to not let peoples thoughts get to me, & the only boy whose thoughts matter are my father in heavens.
love each & every one of you.

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  1. these get to know you posts are my fav. and girl- you are beautiful. you should be strutting around like you own the world!! don't let people (or boys) ever bring you down. :) xoxo