July 7, 2013

prison break. & my boyfriend wentworth.

okay, hi i have absolutely no life & watched the whole first season of prison break in one day. ONE DAY. i woke up, brushed my teeth, prison break, brushed my teeth, & then went to bed. but can you blame me? the show is addicting & michael (wentworth miller) is HOT. i have never been so obsessed with an actor. he is currently my wallpaper on every electronic device i own. he is beautiful. i watch this show and drool. the boy couldn't be more perfect. today its official, i decided wentworth is my new boyfriend.

oh & on that note. PS. I HATE DATING. is that normal to hate? because i do, with a passion.


  1. i hate dating too. i could punch some boys right now.

  2. p.s. meg's husband looks just like him. kid you not.

    1. i have watched the entire series 3 times because i'm a weirdo & nothing can fill my prison break void.

      you'll need addiction rehab when you're done. i'll come with you.

      ^also, fa real. When McKay was serving in the UK, people use to stop him frequently to get photos because they thought he was wentworth.

  3. I adore Michael Scofield...I remember when Prison Break first came out, I had his photo on every device I had too. Have you seen Mariah Carey's "We Belong Together" music video?? If not, check it out! (You're welcome..lol)

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  4. I also hate dating...I'm thinking of making a club. We'll have jackets:)