June 17, 2013

one year ago today.

one year ago today i walked through my front door, hand in hand, with a scared 19 year old boy preparing to go serve the lord for the next two years. all though him & i don't talk EVERY week, he still runs through my thoughts. he has always been in my prayers, & he is doing absolutely amazing things in chile. looking back on the past year, i have grown immensely from the experience, & would not change one thing. taylor made a mark in my life, & i wouldn't ever forget him. as of right now, i am listening to our old song "kiss me slowly" by parachute. i miss that boy, & it hurts my heart. i know that every thing that is happening is what is meant to be. who knows what is going to happen in the future. i am proud of this boy, who used to mean the absolute world to me. one year, went faster then ya think.


  1. you are soo cute! i am soo happy that i stumbled across your blog. i have seen pictures of you before because i'm good friends with hunter, but i had never..i guess.. looked into you before. haha. that sounds soo weird..
    you're darling. thanks for following my blog and and for following on insta.