June 16, 2013


so the past two weeks, my head has been in cloud nine. my best friend {being my mom} & i had the most amazing opportunity to travel to ireland, wales, london, & paris. umm can you say perfect? my dream ever since i was a little girl was to stand under neath that eiffel tower. & i can not wrap my head around the fact, it actually happened. i love traveling the world. now that my passport has been stamped several times, i can not wait to stamp the heck out of that thing some more. this world is absolutely beautiful, & i just want to see it all with my own eyes. pictures do not give any of this justice. i still think i am the happiest girl alive. i had the most perfect two weeks. {& i also met jimmer} every country was beautiful. i have no words to describe to them all.


  1. LOVE all of these pictures!! i am super jealous that you got to go to Europe! i have yet to be out of the country. so i am jealous! i am also jealous you ran into Jimmer and Whitney.

    xo keena

  2. HOW amazing. That has been my dream for a long time too. I hope one day i can visit all those beautiful places. Im so glad you are able to go and live your dream. :) Beautiful photos btw. I am following you via bloglovin and would love it you could check out my blog too. Thanks(:

  3. So fun! I'm way jealous. I've been out of the country lots of times, but only to countires in Central America where my dad is from. I really wanna go to Europe someday. Btw, what do you use to edit your pictures? I love them. xx

  4. gorgeous girl!
    you look like you had the time of your life!
    one day I hope I get the opportunity to travel to all those places as well!
    bailey @ mycrisscrossedblog.blogspot.com

  5. These pictures are amazing! So happy I stumbled upon your blog!!

    New follower! Follow me back??