June 20, 2013

a gentleman.

do you want to know what i like?

i like when boys are gentleman.
i like when they hold every door open for you, consistently offer you a drink, pay for anything even if it is 99 cents, & when they genuinely want to get to know you.

i like when they don't kiss on first dates. & i also like when they don't hold hands on first dates. who is the genius that came up with that idea? what makes someone have to kiss on every date, or hold hands on every date? why can't it just be two people getting to know each other? that's what i like.

& ya know what, i really liked tonight.


  1. Ooohh! I want to hear all about your date. I love when boys are gentlemen too. And I'm super happy that I married one. To this day, he still sings to me goodnight, opens the door for me, and cares about my feelings. Gotta love him.


  2. This sounds like a perfect date and a perfect gentleman. Honestly. WHERE ARE THESE MEN? Send one to New Zealand for me!