May 25, 2013

the last day of high school.

well wasn't that an emotional roller coaster. hands down yesterday was one of the best days of my life. every year we throw all our papers off the railing & this year we went crazy. we threw bouncy balls, flower, & glitter. then every one rounded together and chanted "2013" & "HHS" every one, i mean every one started crying. my class is so close it feels like a second family. there were some people who hugged me & i lost it. i can't believe these four crazy years are over... they have literally been the best years of my life. looking back, i would not ever change a thing. through the memories & laughs, i have become the person i am today. i don't want to grow up. 

ps. im putting together a video of our last week. its literally amazing & makes me cry every time.


  1. These pictures are bringing back memories! That last picture is so sad :(


  2. I love this! Congrats on graduating. I wish more social media and blogging were around when I graduated to document all the memories!