May 22, 2013

senior pranks.

so far this has been one of the best weeks of high school yet. 
monday was malibu monday, we all wore beach attire and during fourth hour all ran to the school pool & had a huge pool party.

tuesday we had too tired tuesday, & all wore our pajamas. during passing periods someone blew a whistle and literally EVERY senior dropped to the ground and pretended to sleep. the underclassmen were not too fond of this idea. pretty much all of them were late to class. it was the best.

wednesday we has work out wednesday and everyone jogged into school, and during passing periods we did some stretches and ran up and down the stairs. it is seriously so funny.

these are only the beginning of all of our crazy ideas.
i am pretty sure i am going to have the hardest time with graduating. probably worse than anyone has ever had it. sigh.
"remember to cherish each moment, because this is what memories are made of"


  1. I have told myself since the first day of senior year I will be SHOCKED if i don't sob on graduation! Seriously high school has been the best!