March 24, 2013


well since i am pretty much friends with mostly boys, you could imagine the age 18 is hard for me. all of my best friends have either started their mission papers, have their papers turned in, or even have their call. words can not even describe how happy & proud i am of them, but this summer is definitely going to be a hard one. i will have to face so many goodbyes, that i don't even know how to prepare for. these boys mean so much to me, but the Lord needs them right now. i am truly blessed to have such amazing examples in my life. i honestly do not know how i got so lucky but heavenly father knew exactly what he was doing when he placed them in my life. 

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  1. Most of my friends are not guys but four of my very best friends in high school were guys. Watching them leave was one of the hardest things I had done up to point. But I'll tell you what- getting letters in the mail while you're at college (especially on those extremely rough days) is one of the best things and brings some of the best feelings in the entire world. I wish I could tell you that you're not going to miss them and that there aren't going to be nights when you just wish you could call them up and talk- because believe me, there are definitely those nights. But when you begin to think of the lives they are changing and that they will come back to be the MEN that they were always meant to be, it'll all be worth it! :) It's a hard spot to be in but emails and letters and pictures will help to make it not so hard. Good luck with all those missionaries! :D