March 12, 2013

bachelor thoughts.

well i am completely happy that catherine is the bride to be. she was my favorite from the very start, and NO ONE would ever agree with me. so let me sit here and have my 5 seconds of "ha ha i told you so". she is the cutest thing ever, and they have so much fun.

my thoughts:

-hi, can i marry seans dad? everything he said made me cry. sweetest man ever. Or could i marry his brother in law?...hottest family award goes to the lowes. 
-seans dad saying he'll be her biggest fan, melted my heart.
-i thought lindsey connected much more with his family.
-i hate how abc edits everything. i wish i could see EVERYTHING
-that ring is my dream ring...seriously.
-lindsey handled that goodbye like a champ. props to you girl
-catherine can not control her nostrils
-the girl is going to pass out
-when sean said "i love you so much" i cried. i cried so much i needed to pause the show. 
-they'll have some interesting looking children, but hey i absolutely love them together. 

happy bachelor finale. sean is sooooososososo hot. 
i hope a boy loves me like that one day.


  1. I always wanted Des to win...then Lindsay. But when he proposed, he totally convinced me that they were meant to be together. I just hope they last! Because they're cute!


  2. I hope they can last! seem to have quite the connection, but I really was rooting for Lindsey :)