January 1, 2013

to the new year.

so i have many new years resolutions i want to start. i feel as if most people do, but they only last for a good four days, & then they are forgotten. so i'm hoping i can tell you my resolutions here, & maybe stick with them. 2012 was my hardest year. my heart broke, but i learned so much from every experience. i wouldn't change a single thing. 2013.... bring it on.

1. stop judging people so quickly. i have a tendency to meet someone, & quickly assume things. then i actually get to know them, & i love them.
2. forget the bad & move onto good.
3. become more independent. i don't need to rely on someone constantly. especially a boy. i don't need a boy at all, at this point in my life. i need to make that the least of my worries.
4. gain a stronger testimony. i want to gain a stronger desire to read the scriptures more often.
5. talk to my heavenly father more.
6. let go of worldly things.
7. be kind. love everyone.
8. spend more time with my family.
9. become more studious, & focus on school.
10. smile. always.

wish me luck 
happy new year. 

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