January 27, 2013

excellent eight.

you see i was nervous because i had all these friends that were leaving & moving onto their next chapters in life, but what i didn't know is that these girls we're going to adopt me. i have become so close to them these past few months, & they have seriously impacted me, more than they know. every day they keep smiling, & i know with out a doubt in this world they will always have my back. 

let me tell you a little bit about them.
~brittney. this girl has been a best friend since freshman year. this isn't her first time appearing on the blog. but i love her so much. she has the sweetest heart, & always wants to do good. our relationship isn't like many. i can know her inner thoughts & feelings with out her having to say anything. we laugh together & we cry together. she's more than a best friend, she's a sister.

~morgan. do you ever have those people in your life where you just LOVE them so much? that's how i feel about this girl. she is so kind & loving, & wants to make everyone happy. i admire her values, & goals in life. when she wants something, she goes & gets it. she will always be an amazing example to me. 

~ali. she is an absolute best friend {they all are} but i can tell her absolutely anything. we can sit & talk for hours, & be 100% honest with each other. i look up to her, for her desire to be a good person. she has the biggest heart, & i know that she is going to go far in life. she is probably the prettiest girl i know, & i hope one day she realizes that. 

~kristen. if there is one thing i have learned about this girl, is that she will always put her friends first. i know that nothing can come between us, & our friendship is as strong as ever. she is an absolute beautiful girl, & deserves the best. we can always laugh at anything together & she can always put a smile on my face when i'm down.

~christina. she is so sweet, & always wants to have a good time. i know she will always be there for me, no matter what the situation is. i admire how she always wants to know more, & understand more about certain situations. she makes me laugh on a daily basis, & i love how i can be my complete self around her. 

~jezzerae. if anyone can make me pee my pants, hands down it is this girl. she is absolutely crazy, & i LOVE it.  i love how she cares about everyone, & always makes sure we are doing okay. when something is wrong, she's there to help. i love how honest she is. she can tell it to you straight up! she deserves the world & more.

~shannon. everything about this girl can make me smile. she makes me laugh on a daily basis, &  her personality just makes everything better. i am so grateful for how close we have become, with out her i wouldn't have a smile on my face nearly as much as i do. she also deserves nothing but the best. 

obviously they all make me laugh, & i love every single one of them. they will be some of my hardest goodbyes.


  1. Aw man! This is so cute. Goodbyes are so hard. But how lucky are you to have some lovely people that makes goodbye so hard.