December 1, 2012

twenty five days till christmas.

all i know is i am mighty excited for this christmas season. christmas movies, hot chocolate, gleaming lights, cuddles to keep warm, the yummy treats, & the remembrance of Christ. plus so much more. this is my last christmas at home, which is beyond weird to say. of course ill come home for christmas next year, but i wont be there to put up decorations, bake with mama, or even watch the struggle my dad has with putting up the lights. growing up is such a scary thing. as of this week, i am officially applied to college. i applied to so many schools, & have actually already been accepted to one. now it is time to start making decisions. where i am supposed to be going next year? i thought i had it all planned out, but more options have been opening up. i think i just need to talk to the big man upstairs. he knows what to do. well happy saturday. happy 25 days till christmas. happy december first. go kiss a boy or something.