December 13, 2012


she takes most things pretty seriously. shes extremely energized most times, but a shy side comes out around a select few. she is the type that hides the pain, & just wears a fake smile on the outside; only that one special person would know what is wrong, yet she will not admit it. she falls way to hard, & struggles to get back up. she can see things coming, yet pretends to ignore the warnings. the warnings come to an end, & she falls flat on her face. what is she supposed to do? what CAN she do is the better question. she never fails to get stuck in sticky situations. no matter who it is or where they are, shes still stuck. she thinks about a boy, in a place with a time difference, of four hours ahead. but then she thinks about another one, with the same time as her. life has taken her on one crazy journey, & no matter how many time she falls down, or how many times tears fall from her eyes, she wouldn't trade it for a thing.

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  1. I want to hear more about this new boy... :))