November 27, 2012

workout playlist.

so i've been hitting up the gym quite often lately, & i need to expand my work out playlist. if any one has any good songs that gets them pumped up, please share! i'm dying. i can't take any more kesha.


  1. round of applause by cody simpson is really fun to run too, I also love shake by jesse macartney, can't be tamed, miley cyrus, shake, metro station, it felt good on my lips tim mcgraw, truck yeah, I can't get enough, rooney.
    sorry. I'll stop.

  2. Some of my running playlist on my phone has:
    Carry On -FUN
    Everybody Talks -Neon Trees
    Human -The Killers
    Holy Ground -everybodys homegurl Taylor Swift
    On Top of the World -Imagine Dragons
    Spotlight (Twilight mix) -Mutemath
    Shake It Out -Florence+ The Machine
    Supermassive Black Hole -Muse
    We are never getting back together -TSWIFT AGAIN
    22 -Taylor swift