November 29, 2012

need a smile?

i could cry, this song makes me happy.
okay wait who are we kidding,  i totally did. 

i just can't stop smiling. i dance around all the time like no one is watching, & let out random laughs constantly. life is good. i just look back to last year (junior year) & it just feels dark. i was always heart broken, & didn't see the good in my life. my heart is healing, & i am feeling strong. i want to apologize for all the depressing posts, & acting like my life was just the worst. i just didn't see the true blessings i had in my life. but now i do, & i just feel so happy.


  1. I LOVE that your life is going so lovely right now. Don't be sorry for the depressing posts. Look back & be grateful. They got you to where you are now! And learn from it all. Love this song. And love that you're happy. Wahee!

  2. give me you advice girl! I feel exactly what you said you felt like last year. I seriously don't really know how to act or what to do.. help?