November 27, 2012

i wish i knew what was going on.

could someone please tell me what i have myself into? i get so far deep into these situations & never can get myself out of them. i am thinking to far into it, & over analyzing every little thing. it is a problem i know. i am trying to just "go with it" but it is not working. i hate being "that girl" like no. i'm more than that right? you all have no idea what i'm talking about, but that's fine i guess. i wish i could just have this my way. my little head hurts, i hate thinking about this. i hate this. i'm crazy.


  1. inform us girl! I'd love to help you!

  2. Surprisingly I know kinda what your talking about. I do this alot to, or use to. Til I gave up on a friends that made me feel that way. Hope that makes sense to you. If you need a hand or someone to rant to, I'm here.


  3. I think most girls are like that, seriously. Oh, women. What are we? WE think too much.We over analyze everything. Literally. You got this, girl. One day at a time. And don't think you gotta make any rash decisions now :)

  4. Such a beautiful picture! Cute blog!


  5. Ever tried praying? That's what I do when I get like this, it works :-)