November 4, 2012

going further.

i do miss the days where i could write anything on this blog, & no one would care. but now, i don't know how to go any further. people {specific} read it, & i feel like i can't say the things i want. every blogger goes through a time of "what the heck am i supposed to write" or "i can't share that" or even "who honestly gives a crap?" i wish i could lay it all out. & get it out. so i can just move on from this block per say. oh well. it'll happen eventually.

happy sunday. 
{i'm honestly really happy}


  1. i'm glad you're happy sids. i'm gonna call you that. okay? not syds...sids. yes. you read that right.

    wub you. keep on keeping me updated. i want to know all the dirty deets.

  2. I don't think you have to worry about no one caring about what you have to say, because I will always be a blogger who does!

  3. I feel that way because my freaking mom reads my blog. gotta keep it mom appropriate at my place.
    ...most of the time. ;)