November 28, 2012

can senior year get any better?

  so i was the sun drop girl for's fine.
 please meet my best friends. with out these girls...i would go insane.

 let me tell you a little bit about this picture above. here is what we call the "dog pound" we go to all the football games & go crazy! i'm going to miss this.
 so our school went to state...& yeah we won state. 
state champions our senior year? lovin it.

  i was on tv twice, & both times i look like an idiot. first time^

 second time ^ look how i am laughing like a freak...gotta love it.
senior year. class of 2013.


  1. cute sauce! state championships and senior year really are the best. I'll agree with you on that one :)

  2. Yo gabba gabba costume= hilarious!!!