October 15, 2012

everything was perfect: that night.

shivering cold under the stars, he was there to keep me warm. for once i felt like things we're beginning again. i didn't worry, or wonder, i just smiled. this was the first time in months i actually felt something {ever}. everything was perfect...for that one night.

apparently feelings weren't mutual.
& i don't know why...but i'm taking it hard. 
i think i just liked the idea of it.


  1. sometimes, the idea is better than the real thing. I once dated a dude who was 6'9. (I'm 6') and I loved feeling so tiny around him. In retrospect, he was a creep. From then on, if I ever liked someone who was a loser, my best friend would always say, "You only like him because he is 6'9."

    So, now I'm going to say it to you.

    Syd, he's only 6'9. :) you're going to find someone who is the whole package and will adore every single thing about you.

  2. syd, feel free to email me if you need anything <3

  3. Sorry to ask, but are you speeking about your missionary ?

  4. okay. good thing i just went through the same thing. or maybe something really similar! Email me anytime babe if ya wanna talk! (:


  5. If he can't appreciate someone as amazing as YOU, then you shouldn't let him in your life anyways! You deserve so much. :)