September 17, 2012


i feel like i'm in a place i can't get out of. life is coming so fast, & i have to start making every decision on my own. sometimes i wish i could start over, & change things. 

my heart has a weak spot for a boy, who i don't talk to & is on the other side of the country. 

i'm trying to break lose. i'm trying to set myself free. i have a crush. but it is nothing. at least i don't think. 

i'm signing up for college, & i'm scared. i don't want to leave my family. i finally feel like we get along. 

like i said, i wish i could start over. & change many choices. especially lately.

but our decisions make us who we are. i'm just trying to become someone who i want to be. 


  1. Aren't we all becoming someone we want to be? Your blog is probably my favorite. I can relate to you so well. You are at such a rough patch in your life. I've been there. WE all have. Hang in there and don't even worry if you're crushing on some guy. Don't wish you would have changed things. Why? Because that's what allowed you to LEARN from it.

    Sorry for my essay :)