September 17, 2012

here let me update you on life.

so much has gone on so let me just tell you.

i went to rascal flatts. let me tell you how amazing that was. 
fourth row & all.

it's high school football season & i'm seriously loving every second of it. 
that's probably the one thing i'll miss most about high school. the student section 
at hamilton high is literally insane. never a dull moment. i love being a husky.

i also went to the dirty heads concert with my dad. oh that was an experience. weed & beer every where. it was sick. but so fun. i didn't want to go at all, & was just being nice & agreed to go but i actually really enjoyed it.
 i also went to the play les mis with my family. i was kind of confused on the rating for that one...lots of interesting scenes in that one for sure!
so as you can see i've gone to many concerts, & have gone a little crazy during the football games. i'm loving life to it's fullest, & loving every second of my senior year. now that your a little bit caught up i'll start posting more often.
happiness is coming.


  1. What a fun life you have! You're adorable.

  2. I love le mes! it can be kinda sketchy I agree but if you look past it!

  3. oh p.s SO jealous about rascal flatts! You gotta tell me how you got such good seats.

  4. I saw the Dirty Heads a few years ago. They put on such a great show!