September 20, 2012

help me, i'm going work out crazy.

i think i am seriously having a problem. 
i signed up for a new gym membership today, & i promised myself i'd go three times a week.
i am on a diet. not because i'm trying to go anorexic, just simply because i need to lay off the crap.
i need healthier eating habits. 
i'm doing really well so far...yet it's only been three days. 
i hope i can stay this motivated for awhile. 

yay for being healthy.

1 comment:

  1. Good for you :) exercise hates me. My family is doing a "biggest loser" competition which is kind of unfair because I'm going up against a 250 lb man. But it's soo hard! :) My mantra is not to be thin, but to be fit.