September 11, 2012

a twist in the story.

i have been a terrible blogger, i know & i apologize. much has changed. & i have really been keeping a lot to myself. it's harder keeping it in than sharing it with you on these pages, but i think it's good for me. it's forcing me to be strong, & to suck it up. that certain boy arrived in chile safely, & is becoming very successful. his stories are the best. so many fun adventures he's going through. yet a twist in the story has turned. i used to write him multiple times a weeks, & send emails every day. but now i have decided to tone it down a bit. him & i both know his reasons for being out there, & he needs to dedicate him self 110% percent to the Lord. he is still in my thoughts & prayers. & letters or emails will be written...just not as frequent. i KNOW that i have to let go. it's honestly whats best. i have life ahead me, & i can not hold onto the past. yet who knows what the future has in store. two years will fly by, & i can see him again. lubs to you tay. i'm probably confusing you all. i am seriously trying my hardest to not be blunt. jkgbskgbslrgjselgkhsbelrghesrbg. i'm sorry. 

but it's okay, because look. i can still smile. 


  1. You're so adorable. It takes courage to do what you're doing. Not only that, it allows him to be even more successful with less distractions. Not htat you're distracting him. But guys are doing the right thing. I can't believe he's already in Chile! Those weeks at the MTC seemed to fly by (in my eyes). Being you is probably a whole other story though

  2. i love this post, what youre doing is hard...but it is so worth it. it will definitely strengthen you both :)

  3. you're beautiful, baby girl. you're stayin' so strong and doing so well. that boy loves you, and wants you to live your life these two years. being good though, obviously ;) so this is good. keep smiling, love. keep being happy. and ALWAYS remember that i love you:)

    see you in october!

  4. love your blog- giving you an award, check it out on my blog pretty girl! :)