August 23, 2012

oh guess what? a goodbye.

one of my absolute best friends left for college today. she is only going to be three hours away so road trips will definitely be in the making. these past few months her & i have grown closer then ever before. we did everything together. snuck out to get mexican food, swam in the nude (+jordan), watched PLL every tuesday & cuddled because we were scared, ate way to many pizookies, went to doctors appointments together, danced in the rain, & talked on the phone just because. she has been my go to girl. i'm sad? call brooke. i'm happy? call  brooke. i need help? call brooke. i want to borrow clothes? call brooke. i need her to curl my hair? call brooke. this isn't going to change, i know it isn't. i wish you the best luck up in flagstaff brookie. you will be missed everyday here, at home. 
i love you red.


  1. Thanks for following my blog! I checked yours out and I love it! I feel like we'd be good friends. :) looooovvee it.

  2. Aww I love you Sydney Marie!! And miss you soso much! Thank freaking goodness for cell phones and that I can still talk to you whenever! Love you girl.