August 3, 2012

happy birthday to me.

i had an amazing birthday! a special shout out to rachel & jordan for getting me carrie underwood tickets! so stinkin excited. i am so blessed to have so many family & friends who care about me. everyone from mormon probs on twitter all the way to taylor in the MTC made my day one to remember. you are all the best, love you!


  1. so many cute pictures! so glad you had a great birthday. . . again. i think i said the same thing in the last comment. haha! But you're adorable.

  2. Happy Birthday and Hello! I'm Kallee. I found your blog, and it is so cute! I am way jealous of your blog title! I recently listened to a talk at a young women's youth conference and that was the topic! I have really learned to come what may and love it! Cute cute blog! I would love it if you stopped by my blog Because I Am Blonde {}!