August 11, 2012

grab your popcorn.

climbing up that water slide, not being able to see anything ahead of me, in the early hours of the morning. I then thought "why the heck did I agree to this?"

getting up to the top of the slide looking at the community pool we just had snuck into, it was a thrill. then at that very moment we see a cop pull into the parking lot. me & my four other partners in crime hid back in that slide, and i reached for brookes hand. I don't think I have ever grabbed someones hand that hard before. the cop just sat in his car, so we booked it out of the pool.

we made it safe into the neighborhood across the street, but funny thing was, our car was parked in the parking lot the cop was in. the cop got out of his car & shined his brights all over the pool & searched & searched for us. (little did he know I was praying in the neighborhood next to him). after waiting in the neighborhood for almost 45 minutes we hear "come to your car right now, I won't leave until you do" so of course our two brave boys that were with us told us to go hide, & they'll go talk to him.

twenty minutes later, I received a call, & everything was fine. he let them off with a warning but told them to immediately go straight home. they didn't. our heros came & got us.

good thing one of those boys had their mission calls...

probably one of the scariest night of my life, & it all happened at three in the morning.

missing those summer nights.

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  1. I love this post, it's so gripping... and it reminds me of the things that my friends and I used to do in High School. :) Good luck on your future adventures.