August 15, 2012


they happen to often. someone can easily walk into your life, & touch your heart, then the next thing you know they're gone. not by choice either. college happens. missions happen. things happen. the sad part is we have no way of controlling it. by the end of this month i will have had to have said more than six goodbyes to people i love. the one i'm not looking forward to the most is next week. a best friend is going to college. what do you do? life has come fast. just the other day i was walking into my first day of high school. now look, it's my last year, & i rarely even show up to school. this girl has had to handle way to many goodbyes lately. i'm getting sick of it. SO, i just keep smiling.


  1. outfit. so cute. as always!
    your an absolute doll.

  2. Smiling is the best thing to do!!!:)

  3. Here's the part where i tell you that i creepily stalked your entire blog in the past 24 hours & know all about your life!! haha i honestly loved reading it. this is going to sound so dumb & cliche, but i love how real you are & eventhough i don't know you, it feels like i can hear you reading every post. i'm sorry you have the whole missionary/long distance thing going on, but you seem to be a pretty down-to-earth girl & i know Heavenly Father has a plan for you & that you will make good decisions to reep the benefits. You are super cute & i appreciate you letting me sneak a peak into your life so i can get over my heartbreak a little bit right now ;) i think i just followed you on twitter & you have definitely inspired me to create a blog of my own so i will definitely follow when i do! Keep writing, you have a knack for brightening my day & i'm sure the days of many others!! :) i'm Kayla, i live in Southern California so i totally understand the weather issues, HOT HOT HOT!! i just graduated & turned 18! i'm off to BYU I in 3 weeks. THREE WEEKS!! ahhh. my sister is there for another year so my parents wanted us together. hopefully i'm able to transfer to BYU Provo & we can meet because i know you would be an awesome friend to have! :)

  4. good thing you have a gorgeous smile. Trust me when I say goodbye's are good for you. Yes, they suck royally. But your relationships will grow in ways you never thought possible. And just think. Soon, you're going to be the one saying goodbye to everyone else. and coming here to UTAH!! :) counting down the days til we live in the same zip code.

  5. And with that smile, that's the best thing to do! So cute!

    P.S. I nominated you for the Liebster Award :)


  6. I love your blog! I found you through the Liebster Award that Sarai gave you.

    Goodbyes are so hard sometimes. I am absolutely horrible at saying goodbye. I get to the point where I just can't walk away or release myself from the hug.


    (p.s. I'm following you now. Can't wait to get to know you better!)