August 1, 2012

birthday eve.

i know your probably sick of taylor posts. & being honest, i am too. but let's deal with it. tomorrow is my birthday. it's sad but i'm not all that excited. for the past three years tay would call me singing me happy birthday as a wake up call, buy me flowers, shoes, jewelry, or even take me on a fancy date. this year... i wont even hear his voice. not a simple "happy birthday syd" or anything. i'm hoping a fancy letter will be in the mailbox though... this is hard. harder than i expected that's for sure. i miss him so much it hurts. waking up tomorrow without a birthday song will be different. although i am very excited to party with all my girls! i love them so much! happy birthday to me. miss you taylor!
this picture seemed "party/birthday" appropriate.

1 comment:

  1. happy birthday tomorrow!! :) sorry you won't get your birthday call. But I'm sure he will be thinking about you all day. probably already does. :)