July 23, 2012

you have one unread email.

finally, elder heyman responds to an email that i have sent him. he still hasnt received any of my letters except one. who knows where those love filled papers are floating around in this crazy world? i'm just glad he knows i'm still alive, & thinking about him.

i want to send him a super cute package so he thinks "wow, she's the best". does any one have cute ideas?? i'm in desperate need of some.


  1. when my sister was writting a missionary for his brithday she sent him a huge package full of confetti and birthday related things. You could send him a package of confetti and "i miss you. so proud of you. thinking of you." kind of things. It would be so cute if you made him something? Like get on pinterest find out how to make a Tie. or something like that. you could make him a cute card? some cookies? anything. I bet he'd like that best knowing it was made by YOU!

  2. a thing we did for my brother and for a missionary i wrote was we chose a specific color...so choose his favorite. and we got a bunch of things that were that color. you could do a tie, fill the box with confetti, find a treat with wrapping that color, dinky little toys to occupy time (like a rubix cube kinda thing...but not necessarily that.) send a CD of efy music in a colored case....sharpies that color..pens...just a bunch of little useful things like that. paper clips, post it notes, etc. AND A LETTER OF COURSE! :)

    p.s. i still will print and send those letters if you want, love.

  3. Pinterest will become your best friend dear! If you have younger siblings that knew Elder Heyman, have them write him a little note, or draw a picture. They love that stuff! Good luck!