July 21, 2012

that one month mark.

he entered the MTC exactly one month ago. i swear i'm not ignoring you tayluh moon. those letters are out there somewhere.

what you've missed:
if you could talk to me, or receive my letters i'd tell you these.
  • i know what i'm doing after highschool.
  • i spent a month in utah, & missed you dearly.
  • i want jef to win the bachelorette.
  • my schedule is probably the easiest thing i've ever seen.
  • i don't know if i will go back to work.
  • my car {bella} died.
  • i saw you playing soccer, on the mtc field.
  • my aunt jessie moved to az.
  • i dyed my hair.
  • my birthday is in two weeks.
  • i think about you every waking moment.
  • i have been a rebel this summer.
  • i have made lots of new friends.
  • i'm so proud of you.  
i'm sorry that almost every post has been about taylor. it's just a good place for me to let it out. i promise this isn't some missionary girlfriend blog. because, well, i'm not one. i'm just in love with a missionary. if you could only see the change in him already. it's unreal. lubs.


  1. what do you want to do outta higshcool?

  2. I can't handle how adorable this is. To be honest, I've had plenty ..probably every single one of my friends, including myself, have a missionary. A few have worked out. And only those few have acted the way you do toward him. It's so cute! And I'm so excited to read along this journey with you.

    Amanda at: http://weandserendipity.blogspot.com