July 18, 2012

summa lovin'.

there is still a smile. happiness is on its way
there are some things i've been doing that in a million years i never thought i, sydney brereton would be doing. it's nothing bad, so don't worry. things have changed, majorly. & i have been going a tad crazy. i so wish i could be blunt, & describe every crazy detail. but who knows who reads this. i'm exhausted from the lack of sleep. i seriously haven't been to bed before three, any time this week. i have the best friends in the world. i wouldn't trade them for a thing. the memories we've been making recently i know will last a life time. school starts monday. & this summer fun will come to an end. i promise with in the week ill explain some crazy stories. ill let out a heads up so you can have your popcorn all popped & ready. it's crazy.


  1. I'm dying to know.... I hope you're HAPPY! :)

  2. bahh! glad life is treating you well and that you're keeping yourself occupied :) beautiful as ever, babes. can't wait to hear stories!! text me, love.

    p.s. school starts monday for you?! what the freak. thats SO EARLY.