July 1, 2012

nearer my god to thee.

these past two months i have felt so close to my father in heaven. there is no absolute way i could get through this with out him. he's been by my side every step, & i am so truly grateful. sending a missionary off is an experience to itself. yet i have had the oppurtunities to go to girls camp & efy. they have been such amazing experiences. i have felt my saviors love immensley. efy can never get any better, i  have learned & grown so much from it. being here in utah has been so great for me, it's like an escape. i owe so many thank yous to some good friends. but espscially ms.ashlyn bishop. she has been my rock through this. there wasn't one day she would let go with out putting a smile on my face. she helps me stay strong, & i am so thankful for her. i have a week left here, & then it's back to the real world. i'm scared, pethatic right? this trial has already helped my testimony grow. i feel extremely close to my father in heaven & i don't ever want that to change.

be still my soul


  1. I admire you, Sydney. :) I'm glad Utah is such a blessing for you! Your faith in God inspires me!

    keep it up girl.

  2. I gave your lovely blog an award (:

  3. p.s I look up to you a lot. I've been going through a really hard time. Family issues. Self Esteem issues. I feel like this time I should be closer with Heavenly Father but I feel the furthest away from him then I ever have. I don't really know what to do but your blog has help keep a smile on my face! (:
    I must thank you for that!