July 20, 2012

are you kidding me??

that depressing moment when you find out your missionary hasn't received a single letter you've sent. & you've sent five. plus he's been writing me every week, thinking i'm just ignoring him. I HATE THIS. i might have cried just as much now, as when he left. 

his letter was the sweetest today. 

"i can't be watching over you for the next two years, but i know someone who can & will be. the lord is always on your side. you're in the his hands now. i love you"


  1. That's the sweetest letter! :') I'm so glad you have a guy like him in your life, even if he is forever away. That's an awesome love you two have going on.

  2. stop it, i cried again. bahh! we need to figure a way to get your letters to him, love bug.

  3. You poor girl. That is so sad.I hope your letters soon get to him!

  4. Aw! :( I hate the postal system! If you need me to sneak over there, I can throw stuff over the fence. :) he is such a sweetheart!