June 28, 2012

Utah, i don't ever want to leave.

it's so beautiful here. it really feels like home. the mountains, the green & the cool breeze. i love Utah, I wish Arizona was never an option. It makes this bump in the road for me so much easier to get through. I don't ever want to leave. THIS IS HOME.


  1. Oh girl I am loving that Utah love! It drives me crazy when people come to Utah and then they just rip on it. Hey! No one is making you stay here! Always makes me happy when I feel others love for Utah because it is awesome! Just found your blog and have loved scrolling around and getting to know you better. I'm excited to follow along!

    new follower :)

  2. I would love love love to live in Utah!

  3. YOU ARE IN UTAH!?!?! I'm going on Sunday. OH MY GOODNESS. Text me.

  4. You sound like my darling husband. He hated living in Arizona. What part do you live in?

    ♥ xoxo.
    we & serendipity

  5. my name is olivia
    and I just found your blog through miss calea
    I love reading about you and your super strong testimony(: