June 12, 2012

thank you, thank you, thank you.

i can't begin to explain how grateful i am for ALL of your sweet comments. it helps more than any of you know. i feel like i have a support group lifting me up. yet i don't think i personally know anyone. & that's honestly the best part about it. i have read & re-read every single comment so many times. special shout out to the anonymous commenter who told me to listen to this song. you were right. it's definitely my new theme song. six more days guys. & yes, i have already cried today. it's fine. 


  1. Thank you for sharing this video. Things WILL be okay. It is what the Lord wants. Absence makes the heart grow fonder...and in two years from now, wherever you are, you will be unbelievably grateful for the Lord ... for guiding you....wherever that may be! Thanks for being such a fabulous example. You are adorable.

    We & Serendipity

  2. i Love that your about me says "yes it's possible to be unmarried and have a blog!" I feel the same way!

  3. You can do it, girl! I can't believe how your handling all of this. That must be so hard, but bring on the depressing blog posts. When I type everything out, I honestly feel like the words keep some of the negative feelings I hold on to.

  4. I love the name of your blog! ;) This was the name of my first blog and I'm glad someone else loves the quote just as much as I do!

    Sounds like you have a missionary leaving in a few days; trust me, it gets so much easier with time! He'll be home before you know it! But in the meantime, don't feel bad about wearing his sweatshirt to bed, watching chickflicks, and eating too much ice cream. Everything works out. Good luck!